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What an outstanding concept. With the deteriorating budget of local law enforcement, our communities need all the help we can get, and so do they. In addition, the more people that get involved within their community, the better it is for all. It is a safer way for individuals to report suspicious and illegal activity without the fear of retaliation (a prime reason in many areas why people do not get involved).

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'Neighborhood Watch' with the power of the Internet. How many people have the time to get to know all of their neighbors in this day and age. Even if you do know them, you may not know what is happening because life keeps you busy. You CAN know what is going on in your own neighborhood by checking out Nation of Neighbors. It's like talking over the backyard fence and hearing what happened first hand. And knowing what Law Enforcement (LE) is doing about it. Armed with this information you can better secure yourself and your family. WONDERFUL!

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Nation of Neighbors

Online Neighborhood Watch and Reporting

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Chase Mission Main Street 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted a grant to the Chase Mission Main Street Competition. This grant would enable new and exciting additions to Nation of Neighbors. In order to move on to the next level in the competition, we need to get at least 250 votes. Please help by voting for Nation of Neighbors.

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